The Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo


The Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo is a new event organized by Cycling Events Ontario which is a not-for-profit organization made up of a team of passionate cyclists with the goal of bringing safe, and challenging, cycling events to Ontario. The organizing team includes Bruce Bird, multiple UCI Gran Fondo World Champion, and organizer of the Blue Mountains UCI Gran Fondo 2015-19.
Our new gravel racing format event will serve as a qualifier for the UCI Gravel World Championships.
Sanctioned by our Cycling Governing Bodies
Promoting the benefits of cycling, the development and growth of cycling and cycling safety are all part of the primary directive for our governing. By aligning the Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo with our governing bodies we are ensuring that we adhere by the rules, regulations, and directives that they set forth, which benefits our participants and the communities we ride in.

Our event has been sanctioned by Provincial, Federal and International governing bodies;
Ontario Cycling
Cycling Canada
Paris to Ancaster – We Thank You!
With the help of the team from P2A we are able to bring you this event with the same spirit and drive that has made P2A such a memorable and enjoyable gravel event starting way back before there were any gravel events. This year the P2A event is also serving as the first ever Canadian National Championships in the Gravel discipline, For more details on the P2A event on April 29/30 please visit the website here: Paris to Ancaster Website  
Our Course is Awesome!
Set in beautiful Grey County at the southern end of Georgian Bay, the area provides the ideal geography for a world class gravel event, with a broad variety of terrain under a variety of road surfaces leveraging the Niagara Escarpment and Beaver Valley for challenging climbs and beautiful vistas.

Right of Way at All Intersection
Thanks to amazing support from the Ontario Provincial Police and the town of The Blue Mountains we have secured right of way at all intersections on the course.
Cycling For All means this event is for You
“It’s very inclusive. It’s not just the people who are at these events trying to win, it’s everyone racing to have the best day they can, and that’s the true spirit of gravel. The UCI are aware of the culture within the sport and want to embrace it and catapult it into a much more professional and incredible sport.” – Nathan Haas. [Taken from the UCI Cycling for All Website]
The Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo is a UCI Cycling For All event.

Thank you to our Sponsors