Time Trial

As the kick-off to what’s sure to be a great weekend of racing, the Grey County Time Trial takes place on Thursday June 15th.

The Time Trial event consists of 16 separate categories of riders. The riders are classified into categories as determined by age according to UCI rules. Start times will be posted for the categories 48 hours prior to the event. The event will take place on Thursday June 15th starting in the late afternoon. The TT will start and end in Thornbury Ontario.

Important Note: Due to road closure timing limitations the Time Trial will be limited to 250 participants total. Register early to make sure you don’t miss out!

Riders can start with:

  • A one event permit
  • A UCI license
  • An elite license with exception of:
    • Any rider who has during the current year been a member of a team registered with the UCI.
    • Any rider who has taken part in a World championship, the Olympic Games, Continental Championships or Games, Regional Games, the Commonwealth games, or a World Cup during the current year
    • Any rider who scored UCI points in any discipline at the moment of the qualifier event in 2017.
  • Master license
  • Cycling for All license

Age groups
The events offer results in 8 different age groups (rider’s age on December 31st of that year), for both women and men:

  • 19 – 34y
  • 35 – 39y
  • 40 – 44y
  • 45 – 49y
  • 50 – 54y
  • 55 – 59y
  • 60 – 64y
  • +65y

A qualifier event can always organize a separate age category above 70, 75… and if more than 6 riders register, the tickets granted for The World Championships are also given to this age category. In The World Championships, an additional jersey and medals will only be given to the winners of these categories if more than 6 riders register.

Granting of participation rights for the Amateur World Championships
Each UGFWS event will grant participation rights for the Amateur World Championships. By the end of each race, the first 25% athletes of each age group, will be awarded with guaranteed entry to the Amateur World Championships and be able to race for the World Champion title. The first three of each age category will always qualify directly for the World Championships, independent of the number of starters in that age group. Riders have to finish the race to be qualified. The 25% is calculated based on the number of starters, not on the number of finished riders. The winners of the slots will be announced on the UGFWS website and will be invited by e-mail.

Qualifier events hosting a separate time trial and road race will grant the participation rights for the Amateur Time Trial World Championships in the time trial qualifier and for the Amateur Road World Championships in the road race qualifier.

In addition, riders who participate in 3 qualifier events during the season will also get their ticket to The World Championships. They don’t have to finish in the 25% first in their age category. Please contact info@ucigranfondoworldseries.com to ask for your wildcard.
The World Champions of Perth 2016 are automatically qualified for the 2017 World Championships. This rule is valid for both Time Trial and Road Race, and the World Champions can register for both events. Silver and bronze medal winners will have to qualify again.

Registrations for the World Championships are only possible via a registration form on the UGFWS website. The UGFWS Corporation will keep records of the 50% first athletes of each age group to make a recall, in order to allocate the slots for the Worlds that were not taken by the first 25%. This recall is made by mid-July for all events up till mid-June and by the end of July 2017 for all following events.

All bikes will be checked for compliance with the UCI’s regulations. If your bike is not in compliance you can still race and will be given a time, but your result will not be counted in the UGFWS qualifying results.

Note: A commissaire will be available for a bike measurement pre-check and the good people from Velofix will be at the start line 2hrs before start time (4 p.m.). The mechanics can assist in making adjustments to help bring your bike into compliance and will be available until the last rider starts.

If you have never had your bicycle checked for compliance for UCI regulations, attend the 4 p.m. session.

All riders must present themselves for checks on their bicycles no later than 15 minutes before their start time.

For the Time Trial here is a brief summary of what is normally checked.

  • The minimum weight of the bike shall be 6.8 kilograms (without bottles)
  • The peak of the saddle shall be a minimum of 5 cm to the rear of a vertical plane passing through the bottom bracket spindle. For morphological reasons, the rider may request to place the peak of his saddle up to 0cm from the bottom bracket axle.
  • For time trials, a fixed extension may be added to the steering system; in this instance, the height difference between the elbow support points and the highest and lowest points of the handlebar extension (including gear levers in the most vertical position) must be less than 10 cm.
  • The distance between the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle and the extremity of the handlebar may not exceed 75 cm. For morphological reasons, the rider may request to place the extensions up to 80cm from the bottom bracket axle. In any case, the rider must choose between positioning the saddle to 0cm, or place the extensions up to 80cm, because only one morphological exception is granted.
  • For a rider who is 190cm tall or taller, it is possible to place the extensions up to 85cm. In that case, it is necessary to present itself to the Commissaires’ Panel sufficiently in advance before the start of the race, in order that the commissaires proceed to a verification of the size of the rider.
  • The plane passing through the highest points at the front and rear of the saddle shall be horizontal. The length of the saddle shall be 24 cm minimum and 30 cm maximum
  • New: For the saddle tilt it is allowed up to nine degrees of tilt with a one degree margin for error
  • Gear restrictions will be in effect for the Junior Categories.

For more information: see: http://www.uci.ch/Modules/BUILTIN/getObject.asp?MenuId=MTYwNzQ&ObjTypeCode=FILE&type=FILE&id=Nzg4OTM&LangId=1