Awards and Protocol

Award ceremonies will be held at:

Beaver Valley Community Centre and Arena

58 Alfred St W,

Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0

The awards will be held once race results are deemed official from the finish line Commissaire (typically 45-60 minutes following the finish).

Podium ceremony protocol


The top three finishers of each category are expected to attend the podium ceremony.

The podium ceremony can be started with the younger age groups as they often finish earlier, thus giving the opportunity to older age groups to prepare while the ceremonies have already started.

The age group order of the podium ceremony is the following:

  • 19-34 male
  • 19-34 female
  • 35-39 male
  • 35-39 female
  • 40-44 male
  • 40-44 female
  • 45-49 male
  • 45-49 female
  • 50-54 male
  • 50-54 female
  • 55-59 male
  • 55-59 female
  • 60-64 male
  • 60-64 female
  • 65-69 male
  • 65-69 female and any further 5-year category for which riders have entered
    The speaker calls the number three to the podium, followed by the number two and number one, announcing them in the local language and in English. When all riders are on stage, the number three gets the UGWS medal, followed by the number two. Then the winner first gets the UGWS age group winner jersey followed by his/her medal. The jersey must be worn on stage and not be given in hand.

    UGWS Medal

    Every rider who finishes in the top 25% of his/her age group in the UGWS qualifier events shall be given a medal. These medals will be provided to each organizer by Golazo Sports. To ensure all concerned riders receive their medal and confirmation of qualification, the organizer must set up a desk where these medals can be distributed to the participants following the race. The top 3 finishers per age group receive their medal on the podium. The desk where medals are collected by riders should clearly have a message mentioning : “Receiving a qualifier medal doesn’t give you automatically the right to participate in the World Championships as results are pending approval by the UCI”

    UGWS Jersey

    TREK UCI Gravel World Series will provide a jersey for every winner in his/her age category for both men’s and women’s races. A total of minimum 16 jerseys will be provided by Golazo Sports for an event. Events with a stage race will hand out jerseys and medals to the riders according to a general classification.

Note: Results will be posted on