Sign Plan & Pre-event Notification Overview

The Course Staff will place a number of types of signs prior to the event.  First, pre-event notification signs will be placed the week prior the event to offer information to frequent motorists and area residents related to the anticipated areas of slow-downs and disruption.  These pre-event notification signs are placed in high-traffic areas and primary intersections leading into the planned routes.  These signs are temporary in nature, meet typical DOT standards, and are removed immediately following the event.

In addition to the pre-event notification signs placed in the area, the event staff will work with The Blue Mountain Resort staff to make sure area residents and businesses are informed of the coming event and can make adjustments as necessary.  Residents along the course route will receive a notification delivered to their door prior to the event. Other Options include local/regional media, reverse 911 to homes along the race route, neighborhood newsletters, pre-event mailings and postings.

The second type of signs placed by the Course Staff are course directional signage;  primarily consisting of right turn, left turn, straight arrows, kilometer/mile markers, feed zone approaching, and caution slow signage.

The third type of sign placed on the course is for informational purposes.  Typically this signage is for motorists and residents leading into the course or directly opposing the route.  These signs are mostly “Caution Bike Race in Progress”, or “Flagger Ahead” to note an area of caution for motorists.